Kevin Bacon Will Star in the Tremors Reboot

This is not a drill.

Head for your nearest doorframe: The 1990 cult disaster movie Tremors is getting a TV reboot, and Kevin Bacon is going to reprise his role as Valentine McKee.

Yes, this is the billionth reboot announcement we’ve heard in the last week or so, BUT: Tremors! We’re not mad at this one, even though we’re pretty sure Kevin Bacon is trolling us. He’s Kevin Bacon!

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show is currently being shopped around and “multiple bidders” are interested. One such bidder is almost certainly the Syfy Channel, which carried a Tremors reboot in 2003 that lasted for only one season.

Bacon is also attached as executive producer. No word yet on whether Reba McEntire is on board (fingers crossed). 

Photos by Everett Collection