Kevin Durant Gets Hilarious Text from Grandma: ‘Stop Cussing so Much’

No matter how successful you are, there’s always going to be an old lady ready to scold you.

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Kevin Durant is one of the NBA‘s two best players, and he’s having a career year leading the Oklahoma City Thunder to the best record in the league, yet his grandma still has a bone or two to pick with the young fella. After a dominant 102-90 win over the Phoenix Suns, in which Durant unleashed what may well be the dunk of the year, his grandma sent him a congratulatory text to go along with a bit of usual grandmotherly finger-wagging:

“Thunder struck again & the Sun(s) went down ( great W )Love u g mom . Kev kev stop cussing so much they be showing u when u do”

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First of all, I’m impressed by the nice “Sun(s)” pun. Sure, it was pretty obvious, but I don’t know many grandmas who would pull that one out of their pockets, so props for that.

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