Kevin Ware’s Horrific Injury And 4 More Videos You Can’t Unsee

Seriously, don’t click on this if you’re eating. Or if you’re a Louisville fan.

During Sunday’s NCAA Midwest Final, Louisville’s Kevin Ware went up to block a shot, and came down awkwardly on his leg. And by “awkwardly” we mean in the “most ghastly way possible.” Below is the video of the incident (which CBS graciously showed TWO MORE TIMES) and 4 other videos that you should definitely not watch.

The team’s reaction says it all. Before Ware was taken off the court he was screaming at his team to “win the game.” Take note, NBA – this is a real athlete.

Tell us again how wrestling isn’t real?

Joe Theismann was getting his leg horrifically broken before it was cool. 

Clint Malarchuk fully recovered and is the reason all goalies wear neck guards today. Doesn’t make this any easier to watch.

And now the hardest to watch of them all. If you’re a Jets fan, that is. Otherwise: hilarious. 

Girls on Thrones

Behind the Walls at ESPN