The Kid from “Bad Grandpa” Gives Conan a Nut-Punching Lesson

He’s only nine, but Jackson Nicoll already knows how to make grown men cry.

Ever wonder about the most effective method for punching someone in the balls? Of course you have. Well, last night on Conan, Jackson Nicoll, the young star of Johnny Knoxville’s new scripted/hidden-camera comedy, Bad Grandpa, gave the host a lesson on advanced nut-shot technique. (Jackson refers to it as “punching people in the cookies.”) Apparently Knoxville gave his costar his first lesson when the boy was only 7. It was one of the most heartwarming late-night moments since five-year-old Joey Lawrence’s infamous appearance on TheTonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Warning: You might want to protect your boys while you watch.

Bad Grandpa hits theaters Friday, October 25.