Watch Kid Rock Blow Up Chinese-Made Grills To Promote His American Badass Grills

Best commercial ever.
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"You know what's American? Catapulting foreign-made grills through the sky and shooting them down because they stink!"

That's how the spokeswoman for a Kid Rock-endorsed grill company begins the American Badass Grills commercial above. We agree—it is pretty damn American. 

Kid Rock

The clip is pure, 100% percent, Grade A awesomeness. There's also a second one, in which the Detroit country rocker switches out a 12 gauge for something a little bigger... a .50 caliber rifle. You know, the kind typically used by military snipers.

Both are set to the Rock's breakout hit, "Batwitdaba." Considering the aesthetic of the American Badass Grill, they couldn't have come up with a more appropriate way to promote their product. 

american badass grill

If you're interested in picking up the most red-blooded, beef-cooking grill ever made, head over to the American Badass Grill website.

Who's hungry? 

h/t: Noisey