Kid Rock Keeps Going Off on Politically Charged Rants In Concert, Takes on KKK and Black Lives Matter Activists

“If you wanna take a knee or sit during our ‘Star-Spangled Banner,’ call me a racist.”

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Future Michigan senator Robert Ritchie keeps interrupting Kid Rock’s concerts to sling politically-charged arrows in all directions. 

Ritchie—who as everyone knows is Kid Rock when it comes time to leap from speaker stacks screaming his stage name into a microphone—is a conservative, but his rants haven’t been politically predictable.  

Rock has stopped concerts more than once to make it clear he’s not happy with QB Colin Kaepernick’s protests of the national anthem before football games. However the offhand speech he recently dropped—part of which ended up on video—in Grand Rapids went in several directions.

He did reportedly address Kaepernick’s protests again, saying “if you wanna take a knee or sit during our ‘Star-Spangled Banner,’ call me a racist.” 

Why would anyone do that? Rock said it was because he wasn’t politically correct “and think you have to remind me that Black Lives Matter.”

Then he fired all of his guns at once, and he had racists in his sights: “Nazis, fuckin’ bigots, and now again the KKK—I say screw all you assholes. Stay the fuck away…”

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Rock remains a staunch supporter of President Trump. He hinted at following in the mogul-turned-president’s footsteps, telling the audience in part that “your president is Donald motherfucking Trump.” 

“And if Kid Rock for Senate has got folks in disarray,” continued the rocker, “wait ’till they hear Kid Rock for president of the USA.” 

As one political commentator recently pointed out, Rock just has to avoid beating up a woman, and he’ll end up taking the oath of office for something before you know it.