Kid Rock on “Rebel Soul”

The rock ’n’ roll hero talks booze, boobs, and his new record (which is in large part about both of those things).

The rock ’n’ roll hero talks booze, boobs, and his new record (which is in large part about both of those things).

Tell us about the new album.

I think of it as a greatest-hits album, but with all new songs. It’s a return to form—going back to the sound of my earlier days, but now I’m a little older, a little wiser, and the songs reflect that. Hard rock with a whole lotta soul. It was made in Detroit—what else would you expect?

You’ve kept Michigan as your home base. Why is that?

This is where my roots are. I know who the people are, and I feel like they know me. And no amount of sunshine, no rock ’n’ roll lifestyle, no number of pretty girls could lure me anywhere else.

You’re known as a boozer. Any new drinks caught your fancy?

Coconut moonshine! My friend Stephen Peterman, who plays right guard for the Detroit Lions, introduced me to the stuff. It’s dangerous, because it tastes like fucking lemonade or sweet tea, but the shit hits hard. We had a bunch of friends over one night, drinking coconut ’shine and some aged whiskey, and then I had to go and do a couple of promo days in New York, and believe me, I was hurtin’. And I’m a fucking pro, man—I don’t get hurt. 

Still loving life on the road?

Touring would be easy if it was just playing a concert every night, but there’s so much more to it. I always say being on tour isn’t hard: Playing shows is what I live for, and I feel so fortunate to be able to do it. It’s the 22 hours between that and the next show that fucking kills you.

Besides the shows, what kind of fun do you get up to out there?

I’m always searching for places where people have been for generations and do things their own way. Down in Alabama, I met this 75-year-old gentleman named Chicken Harvis. He’s a legend around the barbecue grill—taught me a lot. We shot about 70 doves and cleaned and cooked them and had some frozen elk steaks along with ’em. They were outstanding! I get to meet a lot of great Americans.

As a man of the people, what’s your favorite part of a woman’s body?

I don’t discriminate. Lips on Monday, boobs on Tuesday, beautiful hair on Wednesday, nice hands on Thursday, and nice behind on Friday. Saturday and Sunday we put it all together and have fun.

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