Kid Rock Might Be Running For Senate, Because Why The Hell Not?

Would you vote for this man?

Kid Rock in concert
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The idea an entertainer had no place in politics was dead the moment former movie actor Ronald Reagan was elected president. Still, it’s a little strange to consider certain kinds of performers as future politicos, especially if they have a hard-partying profile like Detroit-born rap-rock-country bad boy Kid Rock. But some in Rock’s (real name: Robert Ritchie) home state of Michigan think he might just be the man to represent them in the Senate. 

Political bog Roll Call reports that Rock—who has been a vocal Republican with strong Libertarian leanings for years—was brought up as a possible senate candidate during Michigan’s recent Republican Party convention. 

Nothing is official yet, but if Rock did run he’d be facing Democrat Sen. Debbie Stabenow, who has held the seat for almost 17 years. Michigan has tended to lean left for decades, but Donald J. Trump won the state in the 2016 presidential elections. Since Rock even sold Trump-themed swag on his website, it’s clear he was probably brought up because he’d surely bring some of now-President Trump’s maverick vibe to Capitol Hill if he was elected.

The performer told Rolling Stone in 2016 that he thought Trump would receive the Republican nomination for president and was proven correct, so it’s clear he’s a politically astute guy. And anything can happen, but we doubt Rock will leap into the Senate chambers with “Bawitdaba” blaring if he wins. He’s vocal about politics, sure, but clearly understands how it overlaps with and differs from entertainment.

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Rock won’t take the oath wearing a tee with “Dumbfuckistan” labeling blue states, either—the viral photo of him wearing that shirt from late 2016 was a photoshopped hoax.

A hoax that Rock did admittedly like enough to go ahead and post on his own Facebook page later. 

So if we do see a Senator Rock one day, we do know one thing for sure: he won’t be boring. 

h/t Roll Call