Killing Yourself in Star Wars: Battlefront Can Actually Make You Invincible

Go ahead, crash into the ground and see if you live forever. 

Back when cheat codes were ubiquitous in video games, you could enter all sorts of combinations of button presses, letters, or symbols to give yourself a leg up on the competition, including invincibility so you’d never have to face your own in-game death. Star Wars: Battlefront is suffering from a glitch that seems to randomly make some players invulnerable for the entirety of a match. Sound ridiculous? Yeah, it kind of is.

The fact that the glitch itself exists isn’t the ridiculous part, though. It’s the fact that players are using it to their advantage to cheat, committing suicide on purpose in order to make themselves invincible for a round. Several videos have gone up on YouTube of players crashing perfectly good TIE fighters into the ground to grant themselves immortality. Now that’s a waste of fine engineering.

The glitch doesn’t trigger every single time, so if you’re thinking of booting up the shooter and racking up the kills, you may be in for a rude awakening and a whole lot of pointless deaths. Some players may do anything to get ahead, but this trick might be more for players on the dark side of the Force.