Watch Kim Jong-un’s Girl Band Perform ‘My Country Is the Best,’ Which Is a Real Song

Dancing and singing has never looked so unnatural. 

With hits like “Let’s Learn” and “Let’s Support Our Supreme Commander With Arms,” The Moranbong Band, Kim Jong-un’s  girl band, are doing their best to look like they REALLY enjoy doing this. And no, that’s not Kim Jong-un himself seen lurking backstage. Nothing to see here.  

If you happen to be in the Beijing area, you can catch The Moranbong Band performing  their hits live during a week of “friendship performances.” Seeing as though Kim Jong Un has been giving a little tour of his own to be like “hey everyone, we totes have a hydrogen bomb,” it’s highly suggested that you support his band. I support this band. We ALL support this band. VIVA LA THIS BAND! 

Watch the totally strange performances, below.

h/t Jezebel