Kimbo Slice Calls Opponent ‘Baby Nuts’ and Nearly Unzips During Bizarre Pre-Fight Presser

The legendary street fighter just got a little nutty.

Notorious YouTube brawler Kimbo Slice will fight slightly less notorious YouTube brawler Dada 5000 on the undercard of Bellator 149 this Friday on Spike TV. The battle between ancient MMA legends Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock is the headliner, but at Wednesday’s pre-fight press conference, it was clear that the freak show it follows is where the real entertainment lies. 

The best part of this circus came at the end of a mundane verbal spat between the two heavyweights. Out of nowhere Slice said, “Pull your pants.” And that’s when things got weird. He offered to unleash his testicles right there in front of the cameras to see who, between him and Dada, has the biggest “nuts.” His counterpart seemed less keen on the whole thing, perhaps because Slice was right about the “baby nuts” in his shorts.

To bring you up to speed on their long-running beef, Dada used to be Slice’s bodyguard and a member of his South Florida backyard brawling posse, but the two started trading insults in the press after Dada’s profile rose in the wake of his starring role in the documentary Dawg Fight, which is streaming on Netflix. 

Anyways, here’s the video. Watch it and take special note of Shamrock’s reaction to the whole thing. It’s like he’s us! 

'Baby Nuts' Was Born

This day in Bellator MMA history. Kimbo Slice to The REAL DADA 5000: 'You got baby nuts!'

Posted by – The Mixed Martial Arts News Website on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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