Taron Egerton Is Suiting Up For 'Kingsman: The Secret Service 2'

Manners. Maketh. Man.
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Taron Egerton as Eggsy. (Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Taron Egerton as Eggsy. (Photo: 20th Century Fox)

We've known that a sequel to the uber-popular Kingsmen: The Secret Service was coming for almost a year now, but Monday brought a small treat for fans of the campy spy flick. Taron Egerton — better known as Eggsy, the new Galahad of the Kingsmen and star of the first fim — tweeted Monday that he was getting fitted for a brand new suit for the role, meaning that filming is probably underway:

While we're amped for a return of this suave, retro spy franchise (especially after the exhaustingly dull ordeal of Spectre), we're just a little bit disappointed that beautiful and deadly villain Sofia Boutella won't return this time around.