Dave Grohl Invited A Fan Onstage And Was Totally Blown Away By the Guy’s Performance

Watch “KISS Guy” crush this live version of “Monkey Wrench” using Grohl’s guitar.

Dave Grohl Kiss Guy Promo
YouTube/John Scurek

The Foo Fighters began their latest U.S. tour with a bang when they invited yet another musically talented superfan to jam with them on stage. 

Frontman Dave Grohl wisely picked the dude wearing Gene Simmons’ KISS mask to play lead on the Seattle-based rockers’ 1997 hit, “Monkey Wrench.” 

“Don’t get too excited yet,” Grohl advised in a longer recording of the performance. “You might shit the bed in your hometown, brother.” 

After dubbing the fan “KISS Guy,” the band kicked in the intro. Any doubts about the guest guitarist’s ability vanished immediately as he shredded the entire tune and crushed two blistering solos.   

Following the 7-minute jam, Grohl assured the crowd that the moment was 100 percent legit. 

“Every time we get someone to come up and jam with us, people are like, ‘That was a setup.’ We’ve never done a setup.”   

“Kiss Guy” also revealed his real name to be Yayo Sanchez. The Austin native took to Reddit after the show to confirm that it really was a total surprise. 

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Better yet, Grohl revealed that Sanchez was the best fan the Foo Fighters have ever played with.

“I swear to god, Kiss Guy—he was the fucking best one we’ve ever had come up,” he said. “Goddamn, Kiss guy.”

h/t: Ultimate Classic Rock