Knicks Owner James Dolan Fires Person for Doing Their Job

He’s just an eyepatch and a scepter away from cartoon villain status.

He’s just an eyepatch and a scepter away from cartoon villain status. 

(Photo by Ron Antonelli/Getty)

James Dolan, chairman of the MSG board and all-aroundreally cool guy, has another notch on his bedpost of insanity after Sunday’s Knicks-Celtics clash. According to this NY Post article, Dolan was headed to the Delta Sky 360 Club, probably to eat a sandwich made from the broken dreams of the proletariat, when he was stopped by a security guard who had the nerve to do her job by asking for his ID card.

Dolan did not respond favorably:

Instead of laughing it off, Dolan snapped, “Do you know who I am?”

The startled security guard admitted she didn’t.

Then Dolan demanded, “How long have you worked here?”

Three years, the guard said.

“I’m your boss! I pay your salary!” Dolan shot back.

But rules are rules — and Dolan didn’t show his ID, so Hernandez refused to let him in, sources said.

That’s when Dolan became so angry he yelled: “Give me your ID! You’re fired!”

The stunned guard was sent home immediately.

The Post’s sources did not say if Dolan then cackled maniacally while the sky grew dark above him. The guard was reportedly given her job back the next day, because if there’s one thing in the universe that James Dolan bows to (there isn’t), it’s PR.

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