Kobe Bryant’s Slow Decline, As Told Through ‘NBA Jam’

He is most certainly not heating up.

Kobe Bryant’s 20th NBA season has gotten off to a rough start. After a historically rough 2014 season, the Black Mamba has only played four games so far, hoisting up bricks from behind the three point line and skipping practice because he’s so mad at how poorly he’s playing. Based on his rough performance so far, it looks like it’s time to change his nickname to the Gray Mamba (which is to say, he looks super old.) , something he’s done a lot of this season.

The folks over at The Cauldron took a handful of his air-balls and rim scrapers and set them to the classic basketball video game NBA Jam, complete with a Marv Albert-like announcer. The only thing more frightening than watching Kobe continually hunting jump shots in this video is realizing that every brick the 37-year-old lays is another shot that the team’s young stars didn’t get to take. Laker fans, look away.

Photos by Rob Carr / Getty Images