Kurt Braunohler’s Three Failed Game Show Ideas

The host of Bunk fills us in on what’s left on the cutting room floor

The host of Bunk fills us in on what’s left on the cutting room floor

Photo: Seth Olenick | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

Though we fail to see anything ridiculous in the shows Wipeout or Baggage, esteemed NYC comedian Kurt Braunohler is bringing us a new comedy show that mocks everything Regis Philbin holds dear. Bunk, which premieres on Friday, promises such challenges as “Who Can Slap Gabe the Hardest?” but Braunohler and co. had plenty more game show spoofs that didn’t make it to air.

Compliment This Nazi

One of my favorite [challenges] we had in one of our pilots that didn’t make it in, but hopefully it will come back, was “Compliment This Nazi.” We would show a picture of a Nazi and you had to compliment them in some way.

A Killer Sign-Off

You know how Bob Barker was obsessed with spaying and neutering animals? We used to have a line at the end of the pilot that was, “Control your pet population by having all kittens shot in the face.” But we cut that.

Hot Tub Button

One of the non-challenge challenges that we couldn’t do because of money was that when one of the comedians pressed a button, the sign would light up and say HOT TUB, and someone would roll the hot tub out and we’d all get in it, go “Ahhh,” and get back out. As if nobody noticed.

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Photo Credit: J. Ryan Roberts/IFC | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

On Developing a Good Game Show Spoof

There was one Website we went to that had defined all of the tropes of game shows and gathered from 50 years of game shows on TV all the different things that happened. We just looked at each one, and tried to figure out what would be the funniest things to spoof. The idea of a timer was one we really had fun with, the idea of “raising the stakes” in the second round. We really have a fun time because everyone plays for non-charitable causes.

On His Dream Contestants

Bill Murray, Patton Oswalt, Steve Martin. I would be fascinated. I bet you Bill would refuse to play, he might just make everything sad. I think Patton would be really funny and I think Steve, because he doesn’t do comedy anymore, would just play the banjo in the background the entire time.

On Unexpected Shooting Challenges

We had a rooster on set that just would not stop crowing while we were shooting. So eventually we had to swap him out for a fake rooster, but that was amazing. He would choose perfect moments to cock-a-doodle-doo.

On the Game Show He’d Like to Appear On

I think I would always go for The Price Is Right, just because of the level of excitement in that crowd is off the charts. I would like to be a part of that.

On the Greatest and Lamest Game Show Prizes

Lamest prize is a bedroom set. You don’t get to chose it, you just end up with it because some manufacturer’s like “Nobody wants this! Give it away for free!” The best prize would be…a billion dollars? [Laughs] There’s no show that gives away a billion dollars, but that’s the next level of game show. Or giving away a country. “You’ve won France!”

Bunk premieres on IFC on Friday, June 8 at 10:30 p.m. You can check out the full fourth episode below!