Kurt Vile’s Latest Jam Has the Trippiest Music Video You’ll See All Day

“Life Like This” is a change for the weirder, in a good way.

Kurt Vile, the 35-year-old rock genius known just as much for his solo work as for his time spent in The War on Drugs, has a fantastic album coming out on September 25th via Matador. (Maybe you read about it in our Fall Music Preview?) 

His brand new video for “Life Like This” off of b’lieve i’m goin down is a prime example of how he goes beyond his Southern fried singing and picking style (even though he’s from Philly originally), and flexes his imagination. If you ever had a black light, lava lamp, and/or a cigar box full of strange smelling “crumbs” in your room growing up, you’ll get a lot from this: 

Kurt Vile is touring quite a bit over the next couple months, and there are plenty of dates to keep track of — although we’re sure he may not be nearly as trippy in person. 

Photos by YouTube