Kyrie Irving’s Favorite Things

The guy sure does like Pepsi… but that’s not all.

Pepsi MAX and Kyrie Irving have teamed up for the Pepsi MAX for Life promotion through the 2012-2013 season. The former Duke player and now Cleveland Cavaliers point guard will star in Pepsi videos, participate in Pepsi MAX’s social media sites, and more Pepsi things. (You’re thirsty now, right?) This week, Irving will take over Pepsi MAX’s Instagram account and on May 3, he will host a live Q&A session on the @PepsiMAX Twitter account. We got to chat with the rookie about some of his favorite things—including Justin Bieber, Cleveland and Broadway.

1. Taking Instagram Pics for Pepsi Max

“I’m going to take photos of different places I’m going or funny pictures of my teammates when they’re not looking. Pepsi Max fans will get an inside look at my final week as a rookie.”

2. Cleveland Fans

“We have the best fans in the whole entire world. It’s been an enduring season for us, and they’ve had our back throughout the season consistently. We didn’t have the season we wanted to have, I learned a lot and wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

3. Twitter… and the President

“I follow my friends, plus a couple of artists, like Ne-Yo and Justin Bieber and some other singers as well, but the only political figure I follow is Barack Obama.”

4. His Dual U.S. and Australia Citizenship

“I haven’t been to Australia since I was two, so hopefully this summer, my father and I could go back and visit. I’m still considering possibly playing for them in the Olympics if they asked me to. I also would play for the USA if they asked me, but right now it’s still in the developmental stages.”

5. Broadway Musicals

“I enjoy classical music and I like musicals—I’ve seen both The Lion King and Rent three times each. I’ve seen Wicked too—since I grew up in Jersey, the city was right across the tunnel, so I’ve been able to see Broadway shows, and I actually really enjoy them.”

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