Watch This Competitive Eater Chug Six Beers in 40 Seconds Using a Leaf Blower

Just… wow.

LA Beast Leafblower
Image: YouTube/skippy62able

No matter how much beer you power chugged out of bongs and paint sticks in college, we guarantee you’ve never seen it done quite like this. 

Kevin Strahle, a competitive eater and YouTube star who calls himself the L.A. Beast, Macgyvered a contraption that uses the 160-mph airflow from a leaf blower to shoot beer through a tube and down his gullet. Watch the madness above. 

Strahle’s goal was to imbibe 6 bottles of Miller High Life in under 40 seconds, which he narrowly achieved in 39.13 seconds. He even manages to keep all but a little bit of froth down. 


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It may not qualify the L.A. Beast for another Guinness World Record, but it is weirdly impressive. 

As Strahle says at the beginning of every video, have a good day! 

h/t: BroBible