Lady Golfer Finishes Round After Being Bit by Black Widow

Who said golf is for wimps?

Who said golf is for wimps?

Today, during an LPGA qualifier in Australia (otherwise known as the most terrifying place on the planet), Swedish golfer Daniela Holmqvist had just finished clearing her ball from the rough when she was bitten on the ankle by a Black Widow spider. Tour officials called the paramedics, but Holmqvist had other plans. The world-champion badass sliced open the quickly-swelling bite with a tee from her pocket and drained it of the venom.

Most of us here would probably call it a day at that point (or more likely hours earlier, when we were first told we’d be playing a round of golf with horrifyingly poisonous spiders), but Daniela – not wanting to be eliminated – decided to go ahead and finish her round. Luckily, the LPGA was there to monitor her progress and assured the public that she “did not die.”  But not so luckily, Daniela ended up shooting a 74, eliminating her from the tournament, although we assume the LPGA is working on a “bitten by a Black Widow” loophole to let her show some of that trademark insanity in the tournament.

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