Report: Lamar Odom’s Condition Has Taken a Drastic Turn for the Worse

We’re praying for you, Lamar.

Doctors say that former NBA star Lamar Odom is clinically brain dead three days after he was found unconscious in a legal Nevada brothel, Radar Online reports

“He has no brain activity,” a source told the website. Star Magazine independently reported that Odom is “showing no signs of brain activity.”

Beyond the lack of brain function, Odom is reportedly experiencing kidney failure and has been placed on a dialysis machine.

TMZ says that Odom’s chances for survival has been placed at 50/50 and even he does survive, he’s not expected to regain the brain function he once had.

When Odom was found unconscious on Tuesday it was unclear what, if any drugs he had been using during his stay at the Crystal, Nevada’s Love Ranch. But now investigators say he had cocaine in his system, along with Reload, a generic version of Viagra. The latter is an  “herbal” supplement that’s attracted serious scrutiny from public officials: Two years ago, the FDA warned that “consumers should stop using this product immediately and throw it away.”

Odom had purchased the drug from the Love Ranch, where he was planning to stay for at least five days according to owner Dennis Hof. Odom had paid $75,000 for what’s called the “girlfriend experience.” The New York Postdefines this as, “24-hour-a-day companionship, including sex and such activities as watching TV and cooking.”

A lone glimmer of hope for Odom came yesterday when he reportedly squeezed the hand of his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian. Doctors, however, warn that this was likely an involuntary reaction and not a sign of improvement.

Photos by Micheal Conroy / AP