Reports: Lamar Odom Is Conscious and Talking

Finally, some good news. 

Lamar Odom has opened his eyes and is able to communicate with doctors, according to a report from Entertainment Tonight.

A source inside the hospital where the 35-year-old former NBA player is receiving care told ET that Odom was asked if he wanted to see his children and he responded, "Yes." ET notes that it's unclear if that yes was delivered verbally or with body language. 

Radar Online has a similar report that says Odom showed signs of life after having his breathing tube removed. "When the tube was removed, an insider told Radar, 'He opened his eyes and made a sound.'"

ESPN also has a similar report. "Odom no longer has a breathing tube, the source said. He is wearing a breathing mask and remains in critical condition, however," they write. "Sources told ESPN that Odom's condition had been improving slightly over the past 36 hours, but he remained sedated as doctors worked to make sure his organs functioned properly."

It's still unclear if any of these reported movements and sounds are a sign of recovery or the involuntary movements that often occur in brain dead patients. Indeed, TMZ says that doctors on the scene are calling all of Odom's movements involuntary. Still, the site says, his heart appears to be recovering from the drug and booze-filled weekend at a Nevada brothel.

To help him in his recovery, TMZ reports, doctors have ordered calm in Odom's room, something that's been hard to come by since he was admitted to the hospital. In the three days since he's arrived at the Sunrise hospital in Las Vegas, Odom has been visited by the Kardashian family, his own family and several former teammates. His estranged wife Khloe Kardashain is reportedly refusing to leave his side. 

Photos by Jim McIsaac / Getty Images