Lana Del Rey Would Like Everyone to Please Stop Stealing Her Cars and Books

The singer has been the victim of a series of break-ins recently. 

If you know of any good security system people, send them Lana Del Rey‘s way. The singer has gone through several odd and unfortunate break-ins recently, which have left her with a few less cars and books than she had before.

According to TMZ, in November, a mentally unhinged woman named Icess Floyd broke into Del Rey’s home, camped out there for a few days (which is just horrifying), then drove off in her Jaguar XK convertible. Floyd eventually got that Jaguar impounded, but was like “I know where to get another one” and returned to Del Rey’s house and stole a second Jaguar, a 2015 F-TYPE. She pushed her luck with the second theft though and got caught and charged with two counts of burglary and felony joyriding. Duh.

That’s not all though — last week, a 19-year-old man broke into Del Rey’s house, hung out for awhile, stole a book, and was eventually spotted by a construction worker in her garage and turned in to the police, who charged him with one count of felony burglary. The guy, whose name is Zachary Self, told police that he felt as though he had a spiritual connection to Del Rey. Police on the scene said Self left behind “paperwork with ramblings of his infatuation” in Del Rey’s garage. Is this funny, or also 100% terrifying? Or both.

This all gives us tremendous pause, and leaves us with one burning question: WHICH BOOK??? Was he just like “oh, Interview With the Vampire, haven’t read that since high school, I better take it?” We need to know! 

We reached out to Del Rey’s people for a comment, but didn’t hear back. If you read this, please let us know, WHAT BOOK?

Photos by Getty Images/ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJO