Lara Croft Finally Gives Us What We Want

So many tombs, so little time. 

The hottest woman to ever grace our video game consoles is back – and she’s pulling out all the punches. Xbox brightened up this boring Tuesday with just about 13 minutes of intense gameplay footage from the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider, set for a November 10th release for Xbox One consoles.

We catch up with Lara (voiced by sultry English actress Camilla Luddington) after she is forced to abandon her Jeep  and scale up treacherous mountains in the Syrian desert after being shot at by a military helicopter. You know, just a typical day in the office. She stumbles upon hidden artifacts and creepy caves, with heavy emphasis on her embracing the environment that she’s found herself in.

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There’s a handful of reasons we’re super psyched to get our hands on this game. Marrying Lara Croft has been a fantasy for just about every teenage boy since 1996, and the fact our sexy heroine no longer has a block for a head is a huuuuuge upgrade, even though we were willing to compromise. Graphics on several recent game releases have improved with the times, so while it is pretty impressive, we expected something of this caliber when checking out the preview.

What we’re most excited about is the universe. Rumors are that the world we find Lara in is quite expansive and allows for tons of gameplay, similar to that of acclaimed Batman: Arkham Knight (which only can mean good things for everyone).

Though we’re a few months shy from unhealthy marathon gameplay, it’s safe to say that we’re sold already.