College Football Fans Nearly Stop Rice vs. Baylor Game By Shooting Lasers at the Field

Something should be done about the laser menace.
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We love lasers as much as anyone but they're turning into a problem, apparently. Incidents in which idiot pranksters on the ground have aimed lasers at airplanes have been on the rise, but now that they're interfering with college football, it looks like they must be stopped.

The Friday, Sept. 16 game between Rice and Baylor was moving at a tedious pace, no one scoring yet, when in the second quarter referee Daniel Gautreaux apparently decided enough was enough. As seen in the brief clip posted by Deadspin, Gautreaux stopped the game and addressed the crowd, asking that they "refrain" from "shooting lasers" at the players. 

This wasn't the only time the game was interesting for reasons that had little to do with the play on the field. During their show at halftime, the Rice Marching Owl Band formed IX—a clear dig relating to the fact Baylor is facing Title IX (9) lawsuits about the way the school handled sexual assault allegations, especially those against athletes. 

In the end—lasers and lawsuits notwithstanding—Baylor clobbered Rice, 38-10.

h/t Uproxx, USA Today