Listen to This Hilarious Supercut of the Last Second of Every AC/DC Song Ever

Just try to get through it without cracking a smile.


If you ever doubted AC/DC’s determination to finish strong, simply listen to this clip of the last hard-rocking second of every one of their songs.

Much like the Ramones and Motörhead, let’s just say that a lot of AC/DC’s songs sound alike—not that there’s anything wrong with that.” tml-render-layout=”inline” tml-embed-width=”500″ tml-embed-height=”500

Lazer Horse reports that “a couple of guys called Mark and Neanderpaul” are behind the lovingly-curated track that stitches together the final moments of every song by the veteran Aussie riff rockers. And their brutish formula seems to be paying off. 

AC/DC recently made news for selling more tickets than any other touring act in 2015—playing in front of 2.31 million fans and raking in $180 million. Only Taylor Swift made more money on the road last year.

If you enjoyed the dumb fun of those David Lee Roth “Runnin’ with the Devil” vocal outtakes, you’ll probably like this, too. Also, for what it’s worth, AC/DC’s legendary, five-foot-two guitarist Angus Young once topped Maxim‘s “25 Greatest Short Dudes of All Time” list. That’s not the kind of honor bestowed on just anyone.

For those about to rock out to this Soundcloud clip, we salute you.