The Latest “Mortal Kombat X” Trailer Doesn’t Hold Back

Featuring Larynx removal, x-ray bone breaks, Liu Kang, and 100% more arrows fired into eye sockets.

Warner Brothers and our friends over at Maxim Russia released the latest trailer for “Mortal Kombat X” today. Dubbed the Shaolin Trailer, it reveals a bit more about the storyline (apparently some former tournament fighters have been razed from the dead by Shinnok for nefarious reasons), confirms that Liu Kang will in fact be a playable character, and showcases some gruesome fatalities as well as more scapula-shattering x-ray strikes. The most disturbing of those fatalities has to be the throat-ripping pulled off by Liu Kang that features some highly unnecessary gurgling noises. A close second goes to the arrows fired directly into the eyes of a dazed opponent. Needless to say, the game, which arrives April 14th, won’t be holding anything back.