‘Lawyers Guns and Money’: Jon Cryer Narrates ‘Miami Vice’-Style True Crime Podcast

The “Two and a Half Men” star voices a podcast that uncovers fresh evidence about one of America’s wildest spy scandals.

(Lawyers Guns and Money)

Jon Cryer’s enduring Hollywood career has taken another unexpected turn. TheTwo and a Half Men star—who first shot to fame in the classic 1986 coming-of-age movie Pretty in Pink—has returned to his Reagan-era roots courtesy of a new true crime podcast.

Cryer narrates Lawyers Guns and Money, which, aside from being named after the beloved Warren Zevon tune, aims to give listeners a front-row seat to an investigation of a secret war run by the White House in the 1980s, and the drug running that helped fund it. Using original interviews with the investigators themselves, listeners hear how a Miami public defender partnered with the staff of then-freshman U.S. Sen. John Kerry to dig into shadowy CIA operations in Central America and beyond.

Set mostly in 1980s Miami, Lawyers, Guns and Money plays more like an episode of Miami Vice than a typical true crime podcast. Investigators endure a CIA kidnapping attempt, illegal surveillance, and a government cover-up in a series of jaw-dropping escapades, and the story follows a wild series of characters, including a CIA-connected Alabama mercenary, a Columbian drug smuggler, and a wild cast of spies, criminals, and political operatives. The podcast tracks down clues to uncover a web of conspiracy, which its creators say has never fully been exposed to the public.

Writer/producer Jack Bryan (Active Measures) said: “It’s a truly amazing story. When I looked into it, I was just shocked that I had never heard it before.” Bryan penned the script and enlisted Cryer—whose new NBC sitcom, Extended Family, premieres this winter—to help with production and narration.

Lawyers Guns and Money is a rare view behind the curtain of American politics and covert operations. The podcast’s shocking conclusion brings the series together for a binge-able audio experience that dives deep into a dark side of American history. Listen to it wherever you get podcasts or ad-free with a subscription here.