LeBron James Nearly Decapitated a Rich Lady When He Crashed into the Stands



Sitting court side at an NBA game comes with two inherent risks. First, there’s a chance you’ll be caught on camera digging for gold. And second, there’s a chance a giant man will smash your face. 

On Thursday night, a lady in Cleveland learned about that second risk the hard way when LeBron James clattered into her face, knocking her backwards and sending her to the hospital

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As it happens, the rich lady is Ellie Day, wife of pro golfer Jason Day, who jumped out of the way when LeBron came careening toward them. Not a good look, fella. 

After the game was delayed for several minutes as Day was tended to by medical staff and LeBron apologized, she left the court on a stretcher. She was later taken to the hospital and was reportedly released Friday morning. 

Day has no significant injuries but she does now have one hell of a story, if she can even remember it.