LeBron Finishes Massive Oop

Watch Norris Cole’s amazing no-look alley-oop to LeBron James.

Watch Norris Cole’s amazing no-look alley-oop to LeBron James.


It’s good to play with the King; just ask Miami Heat point guard Norris Cole.  

While the Heat were in the midst of pulling away from the Los Angeles Lakers late in the fourth quarter on Sunday, Norris Cole got the ball for a 2-on-1 fast break. 

Joining Cole on the fast break were LeBron James and Steve Nash. 

So just to recap, Cole was running toward the hoop with one of the greatest open-court finishers we’ve ever seen with one of the league’s worst defenders to try to stop them. 

Nash did the only reasonable thing in that circumstance, as he closed on Cole to try to stop the ball. However, Cole went up in sky-hook fashion to loft the rock in James’ direction. 

Cole had to be licking his chops as this fast break developed. He knew he simply had to get the ball airborne anywhere in the general vicinity of James, and the King would dramatically flush the ball to extend a growing lead. 

As LeBron closed on the rim, he began measuring his steps before Cole even began to chuck the lob. LeBron was ready, and he did not disappoint. He skied to grab the ball at its peak and slammed it through the hoop with a vengeance. 

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