LeBron Will Bring His Headband Tonight, But Will His Game Follow?

In the second NBA Finals to go 7 since 2005, who will claim the hardware?

In the second NBA Finals to go 7 since 2005, who will claim the hardware?

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The Spurs have had the Heat on their heels many times this series – taking game one in Miami, wiping the floor with them in the first game back in Tejas, and going into the fourth quarter of a potentially title-clinching game with a 10-point lead. However, taking a queue from the father of one of our greatest superheroes, Miami refuses to stay down for the count.

After what will unfortunately forever be known as “The Headband Game,” LeBron, Wade, and super-dino Chris Bosh have all the momentum to heap on top of their home court advantage. But if there’s anything that can counteract momentum, it’s experience, and luckily that’s something that Gregg Popovich and the Spurs have in spades.

Besides those two factors, these two teams are almost comically evenly matched, and the blowouts that have sprinkled this series are a testament to good coaching adjustments and players discarding their previous performances to put in great work (see: Mario Chalmers in Game 6, Manu Ginobili in Game 5). In other words, these teams are undeniably worthy of a Game 7.

LeBron has already said that he’ll strap on the headband again tonight; the only question is whether or not it will bring him the same intensity that not wearing it brought in Tuesday’s game-winning rally.

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