Watch This Amazing Video of A Brawl at Lingerie Football League Game

You can thank us later.
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The Legends Football League, which will always be the Lingerie Football League to us, has been known to produce some pretty intense moments. Maybe it's because the players are forced to wear bras that are two sizes too small. 

Lingerie Football League

In any case, you wouldn't want to find yourself in the middle of a group of angry LFL players, even if that does sound like a pretty titillating experience. And yet that's exactly where Chicago Bliss quarterbacks coach Matt Pike found himself when his team came to blows with the Atlanta Steam. What happened next looks unpleasant

Pike, who came into the brawl and started pushing players, gets clocked in the jaw by a player from Steam. It doesn't look like the hardest punch and Pike stays on his feet. 

Even if it didn't hurt his face though, this punch definitely bruised the man's ego. 

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