Someone Just Bought Princess Leia’s Bikini for $96,000

It even came with the original chains and collar.

Some lucky millionaire out there just got his/her hands on some pretty primo role-play gear. The slinky bikini worn by Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedijust sold for a cool $96,000 at auction Friday.

Bidding on the legendary two-piece—among the most coveted items for sale in the online auction, Profiles in History—began  at $80,000 on October 1. The costume came with a letter of authentication from George Lucas’s costume designer Richard Miller and included chains and collar worn by Carrie Fisher in the 1983 film.

The name of the enviable winning bidder was not revealed.

Sometimes crudely dubbed Leia’s “slave bikini,” the revealing outfit was worn by the Princess after alien mobster Jabba the Hutt captured her during a botched infiltration of his headquarters. Though Leia was able to strangle Hutt and break free, her barely-there livery gave die-hard Star Wars fans  a whole new look at their galactic dream girl. Carrie Fisher’s status as a ’70s sex icon has endured ever since.

We hope the new owner of Leia’s bikini is doing us Star Wars fans proud and realizing its nighttime potential. Is “Solo! Solo! Too Nakma Noya Solo!” too long for a safe word?

Photos by Getty Images