Meet Leonardo DiCaprio’s Fat Russian Doppelgänger

Both men refuse to go to the gym.

Because apparently one Leonardo DiCaprio doppelgänger wasn’t enough, internet sleuths have uncovered yet another spitting image of the Revanant star, this time in Russia.

The Twitter account @EnglishRussia shared a photo of a man with an eerily resemblance to the Oscar-nominated actor, although this fella is wearing some kind of military uniform and is perhaps a bit puffier (just a bit!)

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Leo, who claims to be half Russian, has at least one other doppelgänger that we know of: Konrad Annerud, a 21-year-old Swedish model. Annerud and this Russia guy couldn’t look more different, but somehow they both have a little Leo in them. Creepy!

It is unknown if DiCaprio is familiar with the mythology of the doppelgänger, which dictates that one doppelgänger must destroy the other in order to survive. But does this mean that Konrad Annerud and the pudgy Russian are also doppelgängers of each other? I don’t know!!! 

But I do think we have the makings of a Kaufman-esque movie, in which a smarmy Hollywood star hires a hitman to take out his doppelgänger(s), while, unbeknownst to him, one of his doppelgängers that he doesn’t know about is plotting to kill him at the same time, probably by posing as a long lost relative or a love child conceived in the Viper Room in the 90s. It can be called Killing Leonardo DiCaprio. Christopher Waltz will definitely be in it. And no actresses over the age of 25.