Leonardo DiCaprio Just Nabbed a Second Oscar, Sort Of


(Photo: Getty Images)

Leonardo DiCaprio managed to snag a second Oscar this week, but it came from the place you’d least expect.

Russia Today reported that dozens of Leo fans in the Russian city of Yakutsk were melting their gold and silver jewelry and valuables to manufacture a makeshift Oscar statuette for Leo just in case he didn’t take home the real thing in February (Spoiler: he did). 

On Thursday, Leo actually received his so-called “Siberian Oscar,” created from the valuables from 144 fans of the actor. DiCaprio graciously thanked his Russian fans and posted a photo of the statuette on Instagram:

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“Yakutia is home to the coldest inhabited place not only in Russia, but also on Earth – and the region is extremely vulnerable to climate change,” wrote Leo in his caption, using the moment to reiterate the message of climate change awareness that’s made the actor a model for Hollywood activism. “Rising temperatures pose a major threat to its people, their way of life and their natural habitat.”

Here’s a short video of the Siberian Oscar’s creation from a local Yakutsk TV channel.

Congratulations, Leo … we think? We’re sure it’ll look great in the bathroom — and we’re sure the Academy may have some copyright questions.

h/t Mashable