Leonardo DiCaprio Vaped His Way Through the SAG Awards

This is cool now?


After years of false hope, Leonardo DiCaprio may actually have that coveted Oscar in the bag. He’s already taken home this year’s Best Actor Golden Globe for his work in The Revenant and followed that up Saturday with a SAG award. 

Leo got a bit antsy waiting around for SAG to just hurry up and give him the damn thing on Saturday. It could have been separation anxiety from his Pussy Posse, or maybe the dread of sitting through the ceremonial rigmarole. Whatever the reason, Leo quietly let go of all fucks and went all vape-crazy right in the middle of the ceremony.

“What a badass!” you are likely thinking. Leo vaped up in the middle of a stuffy awards ceremony, left with a new trophy, and almost certainly went home to a bevy of 25-year-old underwear models. 

Twitter was quick to react.

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Vape pens get a lot of flack. Some critics see them as Silicon Valley b.s. and others just see them as kind of lame hipster accessories. But if anyone can make the dorky suddenly cool, it’s likely going to be the Founder and CEO of Pussy Posse Inc. himself.

Case in point, Leo’s foggy nonsense did not stand between him and charming the many gorgeous actresses in attendance last night.

Kate Winslet doesn’t mind some vape breath. (Photo: Christopher Polk / Getty Images for Turner)
Julianne Moore presented Leo with his SAG. He then presented her with a kiss. (Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Not even cool girl Brie Larson is immune. (Photo: Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic / Getty Images)

h/t Entertainment Weekly