Let Me Introduce You to the Italian Rainbow Cookie Donut

Orgasmic is one word to describe ’em.

I don’t see an issue with drowning things in jelly.

And I don’t mean that goopy, petroleum stuff that some people keep next to the bed. I mean the stuff that’s best when fresh, made from the ripest of fruits and, while delicious by itself, is even better when incorporated into other sweet and bakery items — like donuts, for example.

Now, I’m all about the hippest trends in the food industry. I’ve tried to consume 30 pounds of a burrito, basically snorted the insides of a Black Tap milkshake, and tasted a pastry made with ingredients more expensive than the outfit I was wearing. As if my body doesn’t hate me enough, the instant I heard of Glaze Donuts’s limited edition sweet treat, I knew I wanted it rolling around in my stomach as soon as humanly possible.


The latest item to come out of Glaze Artisan Donuts, an independently owned bakery chain developed back in July 2014, has been taking all of North Jersey by storm. Inspired by the traditional Italian 7-layer cookie, the Italian Rainbow Cookie Donut has come in such high demand that owner Jule Hazou only makes limited weekend batches, which sell out almost immediately after the shop opens. And it makes complete sense; the vibrantly colored donuts are saturated with both an almond and black raspberry filling before being drenched in a rich chocolate ganache with sprinkles. It’s okay, you can drool if you want to. 

I certainly drooled. The second I got hold of the cookie-donut hybrid, it traveled from cardboard box to mouth in record time. The chocolate casing was sweet, but not sweet enough to cause your teeth to tremble. The inside of the donut, a beautiful sight already, was soft, moist, and went down easy thanks to the heavy helping of raspberry jelly that I was oh, so fond of. Bite after bite, and I didn’t want to stop. I’ve made plenty of bold statements in my time, and with my consumption of elite pastries is on the rise, I feel completely qualified to say this one: This special donut is probably the best I’ve ever eaten and I’d jersey-turnpike my way to the Garden State for it any day. 

Now c’mon, what’re you waiting for?