The Lil Wayne Sex Tape Reportedly Reveals That He Leaves His Socks on During Sex

This isn’t first time a musician’s leaked sex tape reveals some unique proclivities — so we looked back on what we learned from other such incidents. 

This week is starting of with an exciting bang (see what we did there?). The internet is peppered with posts on how Lil Wayne has his socks in a bunch over a leaked sex tape — a tape which reveals that he likes to go to the bone zone in his socks. And with winter right around the corner, who can blame him? But really, he’s upset and is threatening to sue the shit out of whoever is caught selling the offending tape, which shows him in socks, and only his socks, having sex with two women. Wayne’s people are making it clear that if there is in fact such a tape, Wayne didn’t know he was being filmed during the act — so if it’s sold and released, it’ll 100% lead to a lawsuit. 

A rational prediction would be that this matter will come to end once the people attempting to make some cash off of Wayne’s socks/penis realize that they’re up against a losing battle. In the meantime, while we’re waiting for more news on the matter, here’s a run down of other musician sex secrets that have been revealed in steamy tapes:

Usher — Enjoys Side Saddle BJs

Two different tapes featuring Usher and his wife sharing intimacies got out into the world after a video camera was reported to have been stolen from the singer’s car. Screengrabs from the video, or in the case of the site embedded above, illustrations, were given to various blogs and show some advanced, acrobatic, oral action.

Tommy Lee — Has the Largest Penis in the World

Who can forget the timeless classic that is  the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex tape? The “lengthy” tape, stolen from the couple by electrician Rand Gauthier, revealed that the Mötley Crüe drummer could quite literally drum with both hands tied behind his back if he had to. 

Fred Durst — Really Did Do it All For the Nookie

A sex tape stolen from Fred Durst’s computer by hackers, who were able to break in remotely, found it’s way onto the internet in 2005 and the red-capped rapper sued everyone he could get his hands on. The lawsuit filed went after $70 million in damages, but Durst probably could have gotten way more than that had he freed up the rights to the video for resale. Rumor has it (based on the tape in question) that his man parts weren’t too impressive, so perhaps that caused his sudden urgency for privacy.

Kid Rock and Scott Stapp  — Like to Be in the Same Room During Sex

It was a dark day in 1999 when musical masterminds Kid Rock, and Scott Stapp (from Creed) entertained a bunch of ladies with their weird penises inside the dank confines of Rock’s tour bus in Florida. The event was taped by Stapp, who later claimed it was stolen and leaked by people “out to get him” and “ruin his solo career.”

Ray J and Kim Kardashian — Kim’s Always Liked to Be on Camera

Some say that this infamous video is responsible for the majority of Kim Kardashian’s fame, and they would be right. She’s since started a new chapter of her life though. She’s also married to Kanye West and mother to North West (with South West on the way), so Ray J showed that he’s cool with it all by offering up a very generous gift for her wedding to Kanye a few years back: all the money he’s made from their sex tape together in the four years leading up to her nuptials. Nice.

So Lil Wayne, after reading this, don’t socks seem way less scary?

Photos by Ethan Miller / Getty Images​