The Impossibly Cool ‘Drive’ Soundtrack Marks 5th Anniversary with Vinyl Reboot

The super-stylish flick is celebrating its killer synth-pop soundtrack.

To appropriately honor the impossibly stylish Ryan Gosling heist thriller Drive on its 5th anniversary, as well as its killer synth-pop soundtrack, there will be a special vinyl re-release of the album courtesy of Invada and Lake Shore Records, reports Entertainment Weekly.

The 2011 movie, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, stars Ryan Gosling as a stunt driver who spends his nights as a getaway driver. Drive was heralded for its dreamy soundtrack, mostly composed by Cliff Martinez. It’s also known for popularizing College and Electric Youth’s 2010 track “A Real Hero,” which figures prominently into the film.

The vinyl re-release, available September 30th to December 31st, features sleek new packaging and cover artwork seen below, plus liner notes from Refn and composer Cliff Martinez.

Preorders begin Sept. 1 via Invada Records.