Lindsay Vonn’s Ex Sticks It To Tiger On Twitter

Who really had the last laugh?

Who really had the last laugh?

It seems everyone has an opinion on Tiger Woods‘ drop penalty from Friday at the Masters, including Thomas Vonn.

That’s right—the ex-husband of Tiger’s new girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, posted the following on Twitter:

Well then. As double entendres go, this one was certainly pointed. And clever, if we’re being honest. Vonn can put a winking face on there all he wants—we know he went for a dig there.

The tweet refers to Woods’ drop on Friday, in which the star golfer moved the ball back a few feet from where he initially took his shot after it rolled into the water. Woods didn’t realize he had just committed a penalty, and neither did Masters officials, who didn’t address the issue until after Woods signed his card.

That led some people to accuse Tiger of cheating, though it seems like it was an honest mistake. It was Tiger who admitted after the fact he had moved back a few feet, which led Masters officials to review the tape.

Officials assessed Woods a two-stroke penalty but didn’t disqualify him from the tournament. Despite the penalty, Woods came into Sunday’s action at three under for the tournament, tied for seventh place.

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