Watch Instagram Model Lindsey Pelas Explain How to Take Selfies Like a Pro

“I’m not Cindy Crawford as you can tell, but I do make a living based off my selfie.”

Lindsey Pelas didn’t become an Instagram sensation with millions of followers by dropping unflattering photos. The “genetically gifted” model, influencer and Eyes Up Here podcast host has revealed her best selfie-snapping tips in a video filmed for Page Six

“I’m not Cindy Crawford as you can tell, but I do make a living based off—sometimes—my selfies. So I guess you could say I’m somewhat of a selfie expert.”

Here are Pelas’ top three tips for capturing a perfect selfie. 

Use Good Lighting

“Always have good lighting. I highly recommend looking at the sun, or you can get yourself an artificial light—they call them ‘ring lights’—it all works. But you, your eyes to the light, is usually step number one,” Pelas explained. 

Use Good Angles

“Work your angles. Some of us are really short,” the five-foot-three-inch Pelas said, “and some people are super-duper tall. Some of us are wider, some of us are teeny tiny, and we all have an angle that works better for us than it does for anyone else. So practice your angles and don’t be afraid to get it wrong.”

“If one of my friends takes my photo from way up here, that’s not really my friend,” she added. “My friend knows to lean down and make me look six feet tall.”

Use a Good Retouching App

“[Don’t] be afraid of a little editing. I know people that people give each other shit for editing, but here’s the deal: Every celebrity, sports star, [and] politician has benefitted from a little editing. So don’t be afraid to get one of these editing apps.”

She cited Facetune as her personal favorite for fixing minor blemishes before driving the point home. “You’re totally entitled to edit yourself and present yourself to the world how you like. Who cares what people think?”

Of course, the buxom bombshell knows how to shine in any photo or video, whether they’re for the ‘gram or her new 2021 calendar (available here for $44.99). 

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