Lindsey Pelas Just Destroyed Vile Internet Trolls With An Epic Twitter Rant

This gorgeous Instagram model knows exactly how to handle the haters.

Instagram bombshell Lindsey Pelas is no stranger to telling pathetic internet trolls to kiss her gorgeous ass, like she did back in April. BTW, we’ll never forget the butt shot that perfectly put these creeps on blast.

This time, Pelas had a few words to say to the salty haters who like to think Instagram models who endorse products on social media—like, you know, posting hot pictures of themselves promoting gummy vitamins or detox tea— are somehow “sluts” and “whores.”

Not having any of it, Pelas struck back in a series of expertly crafted tweets, on how girls who monetize their personal brand and get paid to hold up tubs of protein powder are actually smart AF for utilizing the easiest job in the world.

You heard the woman. Don’t mess with Lindsey Pelas, or the detox tea she endorses.