Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford Takes a Hit With His Helmet Off and It's Brutal

This is what pain looks like.
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Yeah, football is mostly strategically organized violence between groups of massive men, and the brutality only amps up in the NFL. But it's easy to sit through a ton of games and not really think about how hard the hits truly are—until you see a player's actual facial expression. 

We have Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford to thank for today's insight into just how seriously painful the game can be. Stafford and the Philadelphia Eagles defender who yanked his helmet off. 

The play occurred in the second quarter of the Lions-Eagles game. The Lions were going great guns, having quickly scored three touchdowns, and we guess the Eagles had just had enough. 

Many quickly cued up their DVRs to get a better look at the hit. Because it was totally worth it.

Matt Stafford was apparently none the worse for wear. 

It went on to be a surprisingly tight game, the Lions holding only a two-point lead in the 4th quarter.

h/t The Score