Finally, the Definitive List of Every Single Way Kenny Was Killed on South Park

Click through for ninety ways Kenny met his end.

Poor Kenny was killed 90 times during the first 16 seasons of South Park. That’s 90 deaths for 225 episodes, or a solid 40% chance that he, and his little orange parka, would be meeting a gruesome end. Kenny was disintegrated into a vat of lava, he was impaled on a pile of rusty nails, smashed by a succubus, and crushed by a piano. Finally, as UPROXX reportsa Reddit user with a lot of extra time on their hands pulled together a (non-chronological) list of every single one of those methods of death. You’ve got to hand it to Matt Stone and Trey Parker for the level of thought that went into this one recurring joke.

You bastards.

Photos by Comedy Central