Listen to the 43-Minute Loop of Drake Saying “Jumpman” You Never Knew You Needed

Welcome to your new daily meditation. 

Listen, we know that you probably have a dusty CD of whale sounds or crashing waves hidden somewhere in your house. Maybe your mom gave it to you for your birthday because she heard you’d been having some stressful days at work and trouble sleeping. Or maybe you saw it at a gas station checkout and thought “what the hell.” While stress management is super important, we’re gonna go ahead and give you permission to chuck the whale sounds — because we’ve just discovered something way more soothing and life affirming. 

The mysterious soul behind the Soundcloud account Octbr  thought it would be a great idea to make a 43-minute loop of Drake saying “Jumpman” over and over. And we agree. We got in touch with him to basically be like “why?” and he replied with only: “3 A.M. and Kool Aid.”

Fair enough.

The comments on the Soundcloud are almost as amazing as the loop itself. Here are some highlights:

“This reminds me of “They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard.” – Troy Allen 12

“john mayer john mayer john mayer john mayer john mayer.” – MonkeyJunkyGang

“my favorite part was when he said jumpan.” – HoodieWear161

“play this at my funeral.” – MOBILE PRO

“I hate you.” – binsin

h/t Noisey 

Photos by Andrew Chin / Getty Images