Check Out The Rocking Video For This Brand New Blink-182 Song, ‘Parking Lot’

Thankfully, this time they’re keeping their clothes on.

Blink 182 just dropped a brand new single, “Parking Lot”, and it’s a rollicking return to form for the ’90s pop punk veterans.

Even without the presence of their infamously alien-infatuated co-founder Tom Delonge, the now middle-aged Blink-ers stay true to form by reminiscing about teen glory days over chugging power chords and Travis Barker’s frenetic drum fills. 

Photo: Getty Images

That’s right, replacement guitarist/singer Matt Skipa and bassist Mark Hopus work in drinking, sneaking into their girlfriends’ houses, and, of course, loitering in a Target parking lot. 

The lyric-filled video fun stuff, but then again, it’s not nearly as awesome as their reworked music video for “What’s My Age Again?” featuring nude Instagram babes.   

“Parking Lot” is one of 11 new tracks on the expanded deluxe version of California, which was first released last year. It also includes an acoustic version of the album’s hit single, “Bored to Death.”

1. “Parking Lot”

2. “Misery”

3. “Good Old Days”

4. “Don’t Mean Anything”

5. “Hey I’m Sorry”

6. “Last Train Home”

7. “Wildfire”

8. “6/8”

9. “Long Lost Feeling”

10. “Bottom of the Ocean”

11. “Can’t Get You More Pregnant”

12. “Bored to Death” (Acoustic)

Check it out  when it drops on May 19. 

h/t: Rolling Stone