Classic Video Game ‘Street Fighter’ Is Getting a Live-Action TV Series

“You win!”

Street Fighter
Street Fighter

As a game franchise, Street Fighter is 31 years old. Try to think of another combat game that’s been so successful and long-lasting. While you’re thinking about that, here’s another surprise: It’s rarely received movie or TV treatments. 

Especially TV—until now.

Yoshinori Ono, one of Street Fighter‘s executive producers at Capcom, recently made the announcement. 

After a long search, guided by the team behind Assassin’s Fist, we are delighted to be partnering with a company with the outstanding TV experience of Mark Gordon and eOne. They have the credentials to help us launch a faithful adaptation of Street Fighter as a major TV series.

Which, okay, that sounds awesome. Some of us have played Street Fighter and every ensuing version—and we’ve also played its spiritual successor, Mortal Kombat—and would probably automatically check out the TV show.

From Assassin's Fist
Still From Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist

The kicker is that bit about Assassin’s Fist. It’s not a bad movie; the combat scenes are dead-on. The production values are terrible. Just look at the blonde wig on Ken. 

That said, over time the games have pulled in untold billions of dollars in profit. So with real money behind it, a Street Fighter TV series could seriously kick ass.

We’ll have to see if it ends up being a perfect win.

h/t TV Web