“Lost” Actress Rebecca Mader Is On “30 Rock” Tonight!

So we asked the Hot 100 veteran some very silly questions.

So we asked the Hot 100 veteran some very silly questions.

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What can you tell us about tonight’s episode?

Basically, my character is a temptress of sorts, in a very silly, ludicrous way. I was asked to audition during Hurricane Sandy and I thought, even though no one has power, I don’t want fucking Sandy to ruin this, because I’m such a huge fan of the show! So my mate came over, he’s holding my iPhone in one hand, he’s got my lamp in the other and then he’s got his foot on the paper on the floor trying to read Alec Baldwin’s lines and somehow we managed to pull it off. I’m in a leopard print dress, full hair and makeup in my apartment – I didn’t even leave the house. Who manages to put together an audition in a hurricane? This asshole, that’s who!

What was it like being on the 30 Rock set?

It’s always odd when you step onto a set, it’s just mental because you’re thinking, oh my God, I’m talking to Jack Donaghy! It’s not normal, is it? But it was great – Alec Baldwin and Judah Friedlander are hilarious.

You starred in Lost – could you explain the plot in 10 seconds?

Plane crashes on an island, everyone thinks it’s a normal island, it’s not, because basically it’s essentially purgatory, whatever happened on the island did happen and… shit this is really, really hard! Some people get off the island, some people don’t, some people stay and some people go to purgatory. The end.

Not bad… that was about 15 seconds, though.

That was horrible!

How did you get started on Fringe? Are you just attracted to weird shows?

I do like weird shit. I love science fiction stuff – I’m a bit of a dweeb like that. I’m massively into both Twitter and Fringe, so when the ratings were going down and they thought they were going to get cancelled I was like, come on people! Then when I was at the Maxim Hot 100 Party in 2010, someone said, “God, you’re obsessed, I follow you on Twitter, all you talk about is Fringe!” The Fringe guys heard about it and sent me a box with a T-shirt and a Fringe division cap, so I put on the little T-shirt and the shorts and the cap and tweeted it to the executive producers, saying, “Let’s do this, ready when you are, boys!” So they wrote me a part and put me on the show!

So you’re a Brit and you’re a Sci-fi fan. Would you want to go on Doctor Who?

I’d love to do Doctor Who, I’m really happy that’s become very big in this country.

Would you be happy being a companion, or would you want to be the first female Doctor?

Oh! Oh yeah, ooh, I’m aroused – that’s a really good idea! I’m going to talk to my agent about that.

Who was your favorite Doctor?

Tom Baker – the one that had that really moppy curly hair and that stupid scarf. Matt Smith’s cute, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed.

You’ve also been working on something called Hoverman, right?

Yeah – I read the script and I was just pissing myself. It’s really funny, it’s about this guy who works in a lab and has an accident that gives him the power to literally hover just two feet off of the ground. He considers himself a super hero – it’s so silly but it’s really, really funny. I’ve always wanted to do an adult cartoon, because I want a job where you can just drive up in your pajamas, have a cup of tea and not even get dressed and you’ve gone to work for the day. What a great gig!

Sounds a bit like working at Maxim.



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What was the last thing you had to apologize for?

Leaving my friend’s heating on.

What’s your favorite curse word?

Unfortunately I do sometimes overuse the “C” word, especially when I’m driving. I use it usually if someone cuts me off, I shout “What a cunt!” and I do it with a really intense growl that sometimes makes my throat a bit sore.

Do you wind the window down first?

I keep them up because I don’t want to get shot.

What’s the worst hangover you’ve ever had?

My sister came to visit me in New York in May and it was epic. It was nutburgers, it was my birthday and her birthday. The next day we were trying to go for breakfast and we couldn’t even walk to the diner, we’re holding onto each other. I ended up clinging to a lamppost and she was taking pictures of me going, “III caaann’t dooo iiiitt”. We must have looked ridiculous, but it was amazing. We still text each other about it. It was one for the books.

Did you tweet your lamppost picture? 

I didn’t – I didn’t want to scare people.

What was your first car?

I haven’t been driving very long. My first car was in 2006 when I got on my first TV show – a BMW 328i2 four-door sedan in slate grey. That was a great day, that was.

Do you have a scar that tells a story?

I’ve got a little scar on my face that I got right before my 21st birthday, because me and my mate thought it would be a really good idea to do flaming Sambuca shots. She slipped, fell, grabbed onto my dress and took me down with her – I smashed my head into a wall and cut my whole face open, I actually had to take a few months off work because I was like a crash victim, it was really bad. I still have a tiny little scar on my right cheekbone and every time I see it, I will always remember that night and that friend. I’ve never done Sambuca since.

Besides sticking business cards to your forehead, which you seemed very excited about at this year’s Hot 100 party, do you have a party trick?

I do accents. Sometimes when I’ve had a few drinks, I speak in different accents all night long and then at the end of an evening someone will say to me, seriously, where are you from?

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?

Maybe my fist? It might’ve been my fist. I’ve got quite a big mouth. I’m trying to think… has there been a willy bigger than that? No, probably not.

Well, good luck in your future dating! What is the one thing to remember in a fist fight?

Cover your face, or run. In England, if I see a fist going off anywhere in my peripheral vision, I run like the wind. I don’t want to mess up my face!

Who was the last person to see you naked?

I can’t tell you that! That’s a really good question. If I’m telling you honestly, it was me, because I had a shower this morning and saw myself in the mirror. So it was me in my birthday suit. Let’s face it, I am single, after all.

Finish this sentence: If I ruled the world for a day, I would…

I would make sure that everybody had clean drinking water and had free health care. I spent three weeks in Ethiopia and watched people drink water with worms in it, and in this day and age that shouldn’t be happening. It wouldn’t take that much money for everyone to have a well in their village; it’s not that much, it’s just that they don’t have it.

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