Here’s the Raunchiest Detail From Louisville’s Explosive Sex Scandal

It’s a juicy one.


Details of the ongoing sex scandal that will keep the University of Louisville men’s basketball team out of the NCAA Tournament have been hard to come by the past few months. The broad stokes — a team staffer paid escorts to dance and sleep with players and recruits — have been known since the beginning, but it wasn’t until Tuesday the real, nitty gritty details began to come out. Among them was one that’s sure to be the most repulsive in this whole ordeal.

It came from Katina Powell, the escort who arranged for women to entertain these men, in an interview on Kentucky Sports Radio (emphasis ours):

He was just telling me the type of girls that he wanted. He wanted white girls with big butts and big breasts and girls that could squirt to the ceiling and you know, things like that.”


Powell was describing directives handed down from a coach at Louisville, the kind of demands that eventually led her to call off the arrangement. If that was because she was grossed out by the request or because she could only find woman capable of squirting to the ceiling fan, we don’t yet know. But as details continue to emerge, we sure hope to find out.