Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Leon Roasts Fans in Raunchy Instagram Debut

Like mother, like daughter?


Whether a calculated play for attention or a candid display of spunk, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon made headlines with her Instagram debut by zinging commenters with raunchy comebacks.

The first photos posted to the 24-year-old pop heiress and model’s feed were racy images from her Juicy Couture lingerie shoot. When commenter wrote, “Your mother made a masterpiece called Hard Candy—referencing Madonna’s 2008 album—Leon fired back with, “your mother sucks wild dick.”

Madonna being Madonna (Photo: Getty images)
Getty Images

Another criticized the revealing nature of Leon’s inaugural upload, writing “not u thirst trapping… what would ur mom think?” Leon responded, “does your mom know u don’t wash ur ass.”

The New York Post reports another fan asked about Leon’s singing debut, to which Leon responded, “I’ll sing at your funeral.”

Leon’s two other posts to date are clips from a new project in which she poses for Adidas and Paul McCartney’s daughter, designer Stella McCartney. Comments on those videos have disabled, perhaps because Leon’s first interactions with her nearly 60,000 followers were a little overkill.

Regardless, some appreciated Leon’s snarky ‘tude, as one fan wrote, “I’m living with your clap backs.”